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Spa Therapies:

Exfoliation-This treatment will leave the skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth, clean and “polished”. Products used are a Body Polish or Sea Salts. They are blended with therapeutic lotions and essential oils. Exfoliation is used to assist the skin’s own regenerative processes and creates a healthy glow and radiant shine to the skin. It prepares the skin to better accept the muds, butters or lotions for the full spa package treatment. Body exfoliations helps the skin to tan more evenly.

Mud Mask-Green Seaweed, Black Baltic Mud or European Rose mud is used for this body wrap. Essential oils are also custom added to maximize the benefits of your treatment. This body wrap aids in detoxification, remineralization and rejuvenation of the skin and body.

This is a DRY Spa treatment. All treatments are removed with hot, moist towels. Every effort is made to protect your privacy during your treatment.

Aromatherapy Wrap-Therapeutic essential oils are applied to specific energy areas of the body to produce a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment.

I believe your massage should be your “time out” from stress. Your session will be therapeutic and relaxing. I combine a variety of modalities to maximize your session. Your massage and bodywork session will begin after you complete a health history. This is to ensure your safety and comfort, as well as assist me with deciding which modality to start your session. Soothing therapeutic music and aromatherapy will also enhance your session.

During your massage you will be completely draped at all times. Only the area being worked on will be exposed. Your comfort and protecting your privacy is a priority at all times.

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